Introduction & location

A sun-filled home in family-friendly Kiili

The Kiili town is right next to Tallinn — it’s quiet and safe, yet also modern and youth-oriented.

Kiili, which was first recorded on a map already in 1750, has gone through thorough renovations in the recent years. A new secondary school building, kindergarten and sports facility have been constructed. The Kiili community centre has been renovated. Kiili also has general practitioners’ offices, a library, parks, playgrounds, cycle and pedestrian tracks. Naturally, well-stocked grocery shops are present as well.

Commuting to the capital is even more comfortable than before owing to the completely reconstructed Tallinn circular bypass—travelling to Tallinn by car takes a mere 15 minutes. Public transportation connection between Kiili and Tallinn is also exemplary.

The name Päikesekodud (Sun Homes) is not coincidental either. The solar panels installed on the roofs of the houses help to ensure that the energy consumption of the houses stays low and the ecological footprint resulting from it would stay small.

A total of 5 residential houses (11 apartments each) are constructed in the Kiili Päikesekodud development project. A small house gives the residents a nice sense of privacy and also the security that all neighbours know each other and their homes extend outside the front door of their apartment, as all residents care about the shared living environment.

Apartments have two to four rooms and the areas range from 46.1 m² to 85.6m². The selection is especially good for families with children, as there are as many as seven spacious four-room apartments in all of the houses. All houses have a lift.